A few words about my recorders (বাঁশি)

Recorder is a tubular wind instrument with 8 finger holes and a fipple mouthpiece. There is no equivalent word in Bangla. The English synonyms are: fipple flute, fipple pipe, vertical flute. A flute is called "বাঁশি," but sometimes it is also called "আড় বাঁশি" or a cross flute. in that sense, a recorder may be called a vertical flute or খাড়া বাঁশি or উল্লম্ব বাঁশি. Though both types are wind instruments, however, there are some differences in their performances and usage.

I am not a musician by any chance, though sometimes tried to render tunes of popular songs on a recorder. The picture below shows the common recorders that I try to play. The soprano plays the highest notes of the three; though there is even higher notes recorder which is called sopranino. The other two shown in the picture are Alto (middle) and Tenor (biggest). Then there are other bigger recorders such as bass, great bass, and bigger.

Anis's recorders (banshi) 

Below are the links of a few songs I tried to render on an alto recorder...

Purano shei diner katha...

 Adheko Ghume Noyono Chumee

Boro asha kore eshechi go

Choley Jai Mori Hai Bosonter Din

Jodi baron koro tobe gahibo na 

Nazrul's shuvro shomujjol he chiro nirmol

ধন ধান্য পুষ্পে ভরা (trial)

জাগরনে যায় বিভাবরী

অলি বার বার ফিরে যায়

All my recorders


Closeup of the mouthpiece