FOBANA Award 2011

On behalf of Applied Research & Photonics, my sincere thanks to the Organizers of FOBANA convention for awarding this distinction.  This honor is certainly special as it comes from the fellow community members. Once we attended a reception in honor of Robert F Curl, Jr. and Sir Harold Kroto in Dallas.  The moderator (Dr. Malcolm Gillis, ex-President of Rice Univ.) mentioned that when the Nobel committee announced that Bob Curl was a winner (chemistry 1989), he phoned Dr. Curl to congratulate and asked him “how you feel now?”  “Bob being a man of a few words,” added Malcolm, "he replied: well, now I suppose we’ll be famous in Texas as we already have been around the world.”  This one sentence from Bob Curl indicates how hard it is to be appreciated by the fellow community members!  I count myself truly lucky with this precious award! Sincerely, Anis Rahman.

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